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Medical Anti-Embolism Stockings


  • Choose the best product for you with the help of your doctor: Solidea will provide it.
  • Facilitates edema resorption, helps with healing and stabilizes results after an operation.
  • Ideal for long hospitalizations: circulation is enhanced and problems with venous stasis are avoided.




18/21 mmHg compression elastic stockings up to the groin (AG). It is normally available with or without prescription for home-use and/or for hospitalized or institutionalized patients. (e.g., Post-operative edema, management of Venous insufficiency, management of lymphedema, prevention of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)). With a unique, hypoallergenic, hold-up elastic edge with silicone, designed especially for those who are allergic to silicone. Soft and comfortable thanks to their special three-dimensional knitted fabric. Easy to wear. Suitable during hospitalization before, during and after surgery. These stockings maintain their characteristics when undergoing washing up to 80°. With massaging sole and inspection toe.

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